We are all immigrants - We are human, therefore we move.

We move as does the very earth itself and its tectonic plates, we move to find warmer climates, safer places to bring up our children, we are a nomadic species. The idea that a people are fixed in one place is a nonsense. It is also a grave injustice to those who have fixed themselves in one place to assume that their fear of foreign immigrants is unjustified. Humans sheds light on the truth about human movement, migration and our primal fear of 'invasion' by the unknown.

 'Humans' documents the very best and intense moments of humanity trying to find itself amongst the noise and disaster of life in the modern world. Choo presents a fresh look at the people of our world often centered in Londons throng but also from his experiences around the world in war zones, parties, back alleys and meeting places of the social elite, highlighting the greatest potentials and most frightful situations which unite us all and make us all human. Whilst challenging and at times uncomfortable, Humans is a journey through photography, mixed media, poetry, video and live performance which bring the most beautiful, dark, bizarre and brutal sides of humanity as seen through the eyes of the artist. some of the interviews and stories are difficult to watch and read, such as Lenka, 18 who was bought to London as a five year old girl for the purpose of sex work, Faguli, a Palestinian victim of an acid attack, now begging on the streets of London, Choo represents every facet of our modern lives through many mediums in order to offer a clearcut portrait of his unsurprisingly international hometown. 

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